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Wednesday, September 30th 2009, 1:37pm

One station just spits - all others have great water pressure

Hi there - We have an Irritrol RD-600 and it's worked great for 10ish years. But now one of the stations just meagerly spits out water - not even enough to raise the heads of the sprinklers. All other stations work great! Is there a way for me to fix this on my own without bringing in someone (unemployed housewife - smirk!)

Thanks for any suggestions!


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Wednesday, September 30th 2009, 6:15pm

all taken care of!

Thanks to my wonderful ACE Hardware store (Pagano's in Alameda California) all my troubles have been solved! It was a simple turn of the screw on the solenoid unit.

But thanks for having this great Q&A site - I'm sure I'll be using it again for other questions.

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