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Tuesday, September 8th 2009, 1:21am

Which Small to Mid rotor is best?

I'm putting in a lawn system in my residential backyard that is shaped roughly like a trapezoid because the top corners of the rectangular yard are carved out for shrub beds. Top length 35', base lenth 60', depth 24' from porch to back fense. 40 PSI. I'd like to cover with six rotors but have questions about products:

Is 24' too short for RainBird 5000? If so, what is going opinion on the 3500 series?

On the other hand, what about Hunter PGP ultra or I-20 with short radius nozzles? What do y'all think about the PGJ?

Lastly, does anyone have an opinion on the U-series nozzles in the Rainbird 1800 sprays?



Wednesday, September 9th 2009, 8:26pm

get a licensed irrigator in your area to design a system for you. thats what i would tell ya. ^^

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