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Saturday, June 20th 2009, 7:11pm

Smartline weather station does not work

I have a new Smartline 1600 and the SL15 (I think it is) wireless weather station. Since installing it, I have had the system irrigate my lawn daily, in rain or shine. It's very odd to see the sprinkers go off in the middle of a storm.

I put in new batteries (as the supplied ones seemed to be dead), and re-linked the SL15 to the 1600. I see the battery indicator showing full charge on the batteries, and the antenna icon indicating that the controller is "seeing' the weather station.

However, the controller never shows a red light indicating that the system has paused for rain.

When I push down the top of the weather station, it does not display this red light.

Is there anything else I can check as a homeowner? Is there any smartline support line that anyone knows about?


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