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Sunday, June 14th 2009, 6:31am

Water not getting past main valve.

For 20yrs I'd just flip the switch to auto after turning on the water supply on my Imperial Valet Phantom 22 Controller and presto the wheels would turn and the sprinklers would come on. Now water is not getting past the main valve. I've tried backing off the solenoid a quarter of a turn and I know the phantoms getting power because all the wheels are turning as normal. I'm getting resistance readings at the main valve solenoid wires but no voltage readings when I have someone flip the switch. I thought if the wheels are turning the transformer must be good. Any ideas?


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Sunday, June 14th 2009, 8:11am

More measurements are needed. Resistance measurement of the master valve wire to common, measurement taken at the controller. Voltage measurements at controller output(s)

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