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Sunday, May 10th 2009, 1:05am

Sprinkler installation

I've read somewhere that when the sprinkles are installed before setting up he loan and planting the grass, the sprinklers should be put a bit higher than the ground, as when the grass grows, the level of the ground will move a bit higher anyway. Therefore, I'd like to ask how much "higher" is enough - 1/4", 1/2" or any other?


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Sunday, May 10th 2009, 9:29am

RE: Sprinkler installation

If you are going to be laying sod I would install the sprinklers 1/4" to 1/2" above the ground. But if you are going
to be seeding..make them flush with the ground. Most all sprinklers now pop up 4" to 6" so clearance is not an issue.
But if you install them too high mowing them off will be an issue.
In fact along driveways I always set the sprinklers a little lower than the driveway so people are less apt to plow
them off during the winter when they are moving snow.
Sprinklers along curbs will over the years need to be raised higher as dirt builds up..but if you install them too high to start
with you will be replacing broken it is better to simply raise the sprinklers along curbs or areas where dirt blows in aprox every 5 or 6 years or when they no longer pop up high enough to clear the grass.
Hope that helps !

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