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Tuesday, March 24th 2009, 4:13pm

I would like some of you to check my website

Can some people give me feedback on my site. It is

Give me all the feedback you can...It would help me alot.

Thanks, joe


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Tuesday, April 28th 2009, 7:13pm

Coupla quick thoughts

Love the vibrant blade of grass.

A little too much "about you" and not enough "WIFM" (what's in it for me) on the home page. Most of the stuff about your license etc. can be tucked away on a page for if someone wants to see it. Most folks will look for 15 seconds. Your job is to capture them and make them want to stay.

Nuther thought - what is your differentiator? "we do it right" - well everyone will say that. Here's a sample one: Your neighbor in the Suffolk area - that gives me a sense that you've been around, you're a real person, you'll be there at need... What is YOUR differentiator?


Thursday, May 7th 2009, 7:56am

I like your website. Did you pay someone to design it? My question would be whats driving customers to the site?

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