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Thursday, April 2nd 2009, 9:47am

PVC vs Poly Pipe

I am trying to install my own system. I have about 1 acre and will have about 10 to 12 zones. I have 1' supply from my meter to the house. I want to use poly pipe because it sounds easier to run for long distances and seems economical.

From my valves I want to run 1" poly to my zone areas and then go to 3/4" for the zone lines themselves. Is there a difference between using poly pipe and PVC in flow rates? What about connections? are they as good as PVC? I have seen crimp clamps that look quick do these work?

My 1" lines from my valves will be long, up to 150' and then the 3/4" zones will span about another 135'. All my valves are planned to be in one location with multiple 1" supply lines running in the trenches to the different zones.

It looks good on paper to me but then I am not experienced with this. I have drawings if that would help anyone.

My wife wants me to get this project going quickly so I need to get some resolution as quickly as possible. HELP!!!




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Friday, April 3rd 2009, 12:13pm

Your location? Water pressure?

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