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Monday, March 30th 2009, 2:03pm

programming hunter xc

I am trying to program a Hunter XC for watering twice a day. I would like it to water at 6am and 6pm for 15 min each time. I am not having luck doing this. The watering time is preset at 11 min and i cannot change this?? Also i only have one line for all my plants. Please help


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Monday, March 30th 2009, 2:22pm

According to Page 7 of the manual:

While setting the start Time, press the right arrow button ( > ) to add another start time (you can have up to 4 start times in a day).

To change the 11 minute run time, Page 8 indicates the knob should be turned to "RUN TIMES" and the + / - buttons increase/decrease the length of time the station will run.

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