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Sunday, March 29th 2009, 1:21pm

Control Valves

I just completed installation of five Hunter PGV Control valves, 1.5". One of the valves has worked twice but now will not work. I hear a click in the valve but no water is released into the stations. I have checked the wiring and even changed the power wire from another valve, but to no avail. You reckon I have a bad valve or is debris the problem? Thanks...Robert



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Sunday, March 29th 2009, 3:09pm


It's most likely debris clogging a port. I've seen chunks of glue stuck inside a valve. Could be a grain of sand. Slim chance the flow control is down too low. Slim chance there's a defective solenoid. You could swap solenoids on a valve next to it. Slim chance it's a defective diaphragm clogging a port. There's more but I think it's probably just debris.

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