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Garden Irrigation



Tuesday, March 24th 2009, 6:42am

Garden Irrigation

Hi, I want to put in a small system to water my flower garden. It is
an octagonal shape, about.15 feet across. I have a raised rail around
it, and I plan to put 4 sprinkler spray heads around the circumference,
connected with PVC piping. I will run water to the pipe assemby with a
garden hose, connected to the pvc with adapaters. I think your Hunter
PS-04-15A pop up bodies with integral nozzles would be good. My
questions are:

1. Will this work?
2. What size pvc pipe should I use?
3. What pvc fittings do I need to order, to connect the spray heads to the pipe?
4. I assume that the pipe itself I should buy at a local hardware?


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Tuesday, March 24th 2009, 4:11pm


Yes it will wor, 3/4 inch pipe is fine, you need 8 male adaptors to het the pvc connected to the heads, which are 1/2 inch female and you can get the parts anywhere...hope this helps

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