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Tuesday, October 21st 2008, 12:09am

Design was not right, (Wintering issue)

Hi there, i have a quick question as to how to get all the water out of my Backflow preventer, Wilkins Brand, i beleive is the name of it. I could not find any blow out port, directly after the BFP. Earlier this summer i was in the process of adding 4 more zones, which i did. At the very end on the new mainline i ran, (T'd off the existing) i added a 1" T with FPT for my compressor adapter i have.

I have a way to blow out the system now, but don't i need to shut off the two ball valves the Backflow preventer has before blowing air through the system....? There is 4 bolts directly in the center of this BFP, that i have contimplated taking off and hand drying the inside of this unit, is this a good idea or are they not meant to be opened by the consumer..? Please advise how to approach this situation, Thanks.


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Tuesday, October 21st 2008, 10:14am

Blow out- more info please

Hi, Need to know what type of backflow. Is it a PVB, DCA, or RP? You told us it is a Wilkins, do you know what model number? If in doubt, try posting a picture. Thanks, Jeff

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