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Steve in JAX



Monday, September 8th 2008, 10:40am

Bad Rain bird valve

I have a 12 year old Rain Bird system. it appears that I have a bad solonoid on one zone. There is a short and the timer contoller skips over the zone. I bypassed the existing lead with a new one from the terminal board to the lead coming from the solonoid. How can I determine if the solonoid is obsolete or replaceable? I cannot see any clear markings from above ground.



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Thursday, September 11th 2008, 10:17pm

Bad solenoid

The word solenoid seems to be a catch phrase with the public. I'd be willing to bet that 500 people have told me they have a bad solenoid. They've been correct on 3 occasions unless the wires have been broke off somehow. Dogs love to chew on wires. Try this. Disconnect one of the wires from the solenoid itself at the valve. Now turn on the controller to see if you still have a short. If you do it's the wiring between the controller and the valve. If not then it's the solenoid. Also I'd be willing to bet you can find a replacement solenoid for any rainbird valve only 12 years old. Try Ewing or John Deere. It sounds like you said that you moved the wire to a new terminal on the controller and have the same problem. If you determine it's not the solenoid look for an unused wire you can use to replace the one that shorts out.

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