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Tuesday, August 5th 2008, 9:22pm

Febco 765 test


I have installed the Febco 765 and want to test for leaks before attaching valves. Is this possible or do I have to have the valves installed and shut off before I can test for the leaks. I would assume that I can have the outside and inside valve turned off, open the water main shut off valve and the quickly open the inside valve on the Febco 765. However, I get a very cold shower when I open the inside valve.


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Thursday, August 7th 2008, 1:30am

Open the inlet valve on the 765 all the way next time.


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Monday, August 11th 2008, 8:27am

Is there some reason we can't install some temporary pipe with a shutoff valve? The backflow should have some sort of threaded connection you could temporarily screw in some testing pipe with a shutoff. If you already have pipe installed in the outlet side of the backflow, you could either glue some test pipe in place that you cut out afterwards, or you could connect some test pipe with a compression coupler. WARNING!!! If you try something like this with a compression coupler, some other physical means is needed to hold the test pipe in place. If you don't do something to restrain the test pipe, the water pressure can cause the compression coupler to blow off.

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