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lawn man



Monday, July 7th 2008, 9:55am

rain bird stp900i

:) i just received a stp-900i controller. when i hooked it up and started it non of the valves opened. if i open them manually i get normal flow of water. so i tested the volts of the common wire and the master valve i received 2.2-3 volts . i also tested the common wire and valve 1 spot and received the same reading 2.2-3 volts. both of these readings were with the water now activated. i feel like the valve selinoid requires 6 or 7 volts to operate do you think i have a bad controller or am i doing something else wrong.

all wet

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Monday, July 7th 2008, 3:21pm

You should get no less than 24 volts at the controller, however most will read 26-28 volts at the controller. Are you sure you are reading the meter correctly? The outside operation of the valves manually has no bearing on this reading.

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