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Saturday, June 21st 2008, 3:40pm

Toro EL-6+ Timer box replacement

I am brand new to this forum, and drastically in need of some assistance. My ancient (aprox. 1980) Toro Sprinkler system needs a new timer box. I have a pushpin style Toro EL-6+ model. Can I just replace this with any new electronic timer, whether it be Hunter, Rainbird, Toro etc.? It is a 6 station model, so do I have to buy a 6 station only model, or does it just need to have at least 6 stations. I have it mounted in my garage, so obviously it is an indoor model. Any recommendations, or assistance would be greatly appreciated. ?(


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Saturday, June 21st 2008, 5:48pm

Try a Hunter SRC-600 for a replacement

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