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Saturday, May 24th 2008, 6:14pm

Is one side of a threaded valve left-handed?


Hardie 205TF Solenoid Valve


Leaking on supply side at threaded coupling (btw coupling and valve body)


Are these valves designed so that one side has left-handed threads so that, conceivably, I could rotate the valve body and unscrew the valve from both threaded couplings? Or even try to rotate the valve in the other direction and tighten the connection?

If not, how do I go about fixing this? I assume I have to cut the pipe on the downstream side (there is only 1" of pipe on the supply side between the male threaded adapter and the elbow off the main supply pipe). Then clean and reattach the valve to the supply side threaded adapter (apparently using teflon tape), then use some kind of glued coupling to reconnect the pipe on the downstream side?



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Saturday, May 24th 2008, 8:26pm

Left handed threads.

Hi, nope, the threads are right handed on both ports. This way you could tighten up the valve a tad. Yes it will loosen the outlet port some. Maybe it wont leak though. If one was reversed it would pull or push the pipes. If there isn't any give in the pipes you could crack the manifold. Actually with PVC pipe I doubt you could even unscrew it all the way.

You hit the head on the nail with how you suggested to fix it. Glue and teflon tape. I do have one thing for you to check first. Make sure the leak is coming from the fitting and not from the diaphragm near the screws under the solenoid. Those valves will leak right there after a while. Try tightening the screws a tad. Maybe even a new diaphram. I'd hate to see you cut the valve out of there and re-install it then find out there's still a leak.

Good luck!
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