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Saturday, May 17th 2008, 5:08am

A Newbie Question

I think that this is a basic question so hopefully someone can help me. My water meter is 3/4". How can I upsize the mainline for less friction loss? Are there specific adapters that can be used? Can I upsize directly from the meter so my RPZ is also upsized?

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Saturday, May 17th 2008, 9:40pm

Just because you have a 3/4" meter doesn't mean you have 3/4" pipe in the ground. Here at my house, there is 1" PVC just after the 3/4" meter. The 1" PVC transitions to 3/4" copper just before it enters the basement.

But, yes there are all sorts of fitting that will allow you to change pipe sizes. When you're talking about PVC, the most cost effective way I've found is to use a fitting of the larger desired size, and then use a bushing for the smaller side. The bushing gets gluded inside the fiting, and the smaller pipe glues inside the bushing.

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