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Tuesday, June 19th 2007, 11:40am

sprinkler head stays up?

I'm sure there's an easy remedy for this?

I have a coulple of sprinkler heads that stay up. I'm affraid I'm going to take one off with the mower.


Thanks a lot,


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Thursday, August 23rd 2007, 6:31am

I have one doing the same thing and prolly because it's leaking. Lower pressure means when the valve shut that station off, the leak cause it to lose vacuum and not go back down. You can simply push them down with your hand--WD40 might help that.


Monday, May 12th 2008, 10:31am

I would'nt use WD40! water is the lubricant for the heads and wd40 will only shorten the life span of the head. it sounds like dirt is stuck in the body of the sprinkler. Is the sprinkler below grade?

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