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Saturday, April 26th 2008, 10:09pm

Rainbird Maxi/Mini Paw not rotating correctly


I recently bought a house that has a sprinkler system installed. I'm having trouble with a couple of sprinklers on a 180 degree rotation whereby they get stuck when it should flip back the other way. I've read that this is usually a pressure problem, but I think my pressure is pretty good. I tested it at an external tap and it's showing 70-80 psi (I don't know how to test the pressure at the sprinkler head though).

I have one Maxi Paw and one Mini Paw playing up. I was thinking of changing to another type of sprinkler such as the Hunter I-20. But before I do that, can anyone give me any pointers on what's going wrong? Is the Hunter a viable alternative?

Thanks in advance!


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Sunday, April 27th 2008, 6:16am

No reason you can't replace the Maxipaws. With high pressures at the heads you can use PGPs or other rotors. It can be something as simple as a grain of sand in the wrong place, as to why the 'trip mechanism' fails on those impact heads.



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Sunday, April 27th 2008, 12:22pm

Why no rotation

Boots is right. Sometimes it's simple. Half the time I'll find a twig or part of a bush growing in there. Then you have other reasons. Sometimes there's a part broken or missing. It could be a pressure problem. Maybe a leak in a pipe you're unaware of. Sometimes they just stop turning and only God knows why. Sometimes putting in a new one makes everyone happy. You can just unscrew the guts and switch them out if digging it up is a problem. I've seen those cemented in a patio. I clean out the cannister with a garden hose before taking the guts out.

I just want to add that you don't want rotors and impacts running on the same zone. Either go all impacts or all rotors. Here's a link that will give you more info than you want to know. It might help you though. Good luck!
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