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Saturday, April 26th 2008, 11:38am

pipe, is bigger better

I have a 1" comming off my well andto the outside of my house, is there any advantage to stepping up to a 1 1/4 poly for the main, I am irrigating about a 150'x 250' area

thanks :)


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Saturday, April 26th 2008, 10:37pm

Stepping up to a bigger size means less pressure loss due to pipe friction.

Does that mean better? Well it depends.

Layout your system. Then work out the pressure losses using 1" pipe. If you've desiged for a pressure of 30psi, and pressure losses indicate that you've still got 30psi when the water reaches the spray heads, then increasing to a larger pipe is just spending more money.

If calculate pressure losses indicate you won't have 30psi (or what ever value you're designing for) remaining when the water reaches he spray heads, then increasing the size of the pipe may be required to increase pressure at the spray heads. Larger pipe is also suggested if your design with smaller pipe requires the water to be travelling at or above 5ft/sec. If so, then larger pipes will reduce the velocity of the water and reduce the chances of water hammer.

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