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Monday, December 1st 2008, 9:49am

Author: mcnutt

Are strip pattern gentle for flower bed?

I am going to have a flower bed in shape of a funnel with a 4’ walk path in the center (made of pavers). The measurements of the entire area (including walk path) is 50’ long 10’ at the narrowest 13’ at the middle and 17’ at the widest. I know that the flower bed won’t be exact on both sides after the pavers go in but for a ruff draft. I was looking at the Hunter Strip pattern (srs-lcs515) is this nozzle gentle on flowers? I am wanting to stay away from drip system because of the dogs (beep beep...

Saturday, November 22nd 2008, 8:48pm

Author: mcnutt

What is a good GPM to have?

I am designing an system and I did the 5 gal bucket test and it filled at 42 sec meaning I have 6.6 GPM is that consider good? My lawn is/was going to use 11 toro 340 model with about 2.35 GPM. That would need about 4 zones. I still have fruit trees and large (35x12) flower bed to do. at this rate I'll need a controler with 12 plus zones, which seem extream to me.