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Sunday, July 7th 2002, 6:28pm

Author: globalpilot

Strange Municipal Requirement

I have a city rule very close to yours. I got around this by adjusting the flow so that it stayed within the limits. The limits I had to comply with was the street. I had to keep it from the street.

Sunday, July 7th 2002, 6:25pm

Author: globalpilot

Need more GPM

I have just setup a connection to the hose bib(Hose bib is the what your hose attaches to at the manual valve outside your home). I too only had a small GPM, around 9. But I was able to keep most of the pressure and increase my GPM to 15 by increasing the PVC Pipe that I ran off the hose bib. I used a 3/4 inch PVC sch40 Pipe and then increased it again to a 1 inch connector to the Sprinkler Valve (I used 1 inch valves) then ran all 1 inch main line PVC sch40 Piping and Poly Piping. Then I used 1...