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Saturday, September 24th 2016, 2:30am

Author: SprinklerBros

Replacing old impact sprinkler heads

It is possible to replace them all, however there are a few main issues you will need to consider: 1. Take into consideration the inlet size and casing height of the sprinkler you are replacing. If, for example, the original sprinkler has a 3/4" inlet, but the one you want to replace it with has a 1/2" inlet, you will need to use some sort of adapter. If the original in-ground sprinkler was 4" tall and the new one is taller or shorter, you may need to install a Swing Joint to accommodate the hei...

Sunday, September 18th 2016, 7:39am

Author: SprinklerBros

Can I mix sprinklers heads at the same area ?!

Yes you can as long as it's with Rainbird Van 10 and 12 because they have similar flow rates. It’s not advisable to mix different sprinkler heads in the same zone that have different range coverage with different flow rates. For example, rotors that usually through water 30 feet or more with sprays that have shorter spray patterns. It will create a huge imbalance in the zone. If you run that zone long enough to have the rotors cover the rest yard, you drown the area covered by the spray. If you ...

Tuesday, June 7th 2016, 12:54am

Author: SprinklerBros

Sprinkler System

We specialize in top quality design, installation and repair of your sprinkler systems for both residential and commercial services. Whether an automated sprinkler system or a drip irrigation system for your lawns, we've got you covered. Sprinkler Bros is your one-call solution to all your lawn and garden irrigation needs. Our professional technicians are fully licensed and insured. We arrive on time and we pride ourselves in providing the best customer experience possible. Call us for more info...