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Monday, January 25th 2010, 1:04pm

Author: irrigatorTech

Valve solenoid power

The power for valves are AC, there are dc valves ( remote battery operated) which are called dc latch Quoted from "phoenixx" Im not certain where to post this question so ... here goes I have an irritrol rd600 system in my house with 3 zones. Zone 1 (front yard) stopped functioning but the other zones worked.. i used a multimeter to check the output of the controller / timer and I get the same output on each of the zones.. approximately 20 - 24vAC when the timer tells each zone to turn on (this ...

Monday, January 25th 2010, 1:00pm

Author: irrigatorTech

RE: finding bad solenoid

Quoted from "Coreen" chatters are best used on toro solenoids, sometimes work on hunter , depending on depth of valves Good morning, I have a section of sprinklers that do not come up. I've tried to find the solenoid but have not had any success. I was wondering if the PRO-48 - Armada Tech - Solednoid Activator / Chatterer would help me locate it. Thank-you, Coreen