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Tuesday, July 24th 2018, 12:16pm

Author: lecatlin

Rainbird 5000+ nozzles in a rainbird 5000 head?

So, I'm finally digging into fine-tuning my sprinklers and addressing the final dry spots and weeds in my yard. The builder's contractor put identical flow nozzles in all heads per zone (i.e. a 90° head has the same flow rate as a 240° head). So, I'm going to get some new nozzles... but I found locally last year a replacement nozzle pack that has light blue nozzles for the 5000, and dark blue ones for the 5000+. I notice that throughout my yard, all the nozzles are dark blue. So, is this an issu...

Tuesday, July 24th 2018, 12:06pm

Author: lecatlin

Need help with RainBird 5000 arc adjustment

Hi jb, While I'm just diving into "really" understanding my system, I accidientally found out you can pop off the top of the 5000 head with a tweaker screwdriver and look. It seems to function like a dirt keep-out-cap. Anyway, I haven't had your issue, but when I moved into my place 2 years ago, I had to play with them a lot to fix the useless installation that watered as much patio, sidewalk, and road as grass. If you cant figure out the screw (I'm wondering if it backed out too far?) I wonder ...

Tuesday, July 24th 2018, 12:03pm

Author: lecatlin

Rainbird 5000 adjustment screw

Hi There - I'm a total irrigation newbie, too. However, I have RB 5000's as well. Until today, I didn't even know there was a specific radius. I have a couple of mine set pretty short. I haven't measured them, though. I'd suspect you could expect 20' - but without a proper nozzle, you're putting a whole lotta water on a small area compared to others. See my (intended) new question in a moment... Lynn