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Monday, May 3rd 2010, 9:51am

Author: Raul

Im an Irrigator and I need HELP!!!!

I received a service call, and the problem was that there was limited or no water comming out of the sprinkler system. I check the backflow and it was open, but I notice that 3 valves were burned so I replace them and the problem was still there, I open the pvc in front of the backflow to see the pressure and the pressure was very low, I opened the backflow to see the flow and it was still very low. and it was not working it was a 3/4" so I placed a 1" couble check valve, the pressure, and I st...

Sunday, May 2nd 2010, 11:33pm

Author: Raul

Landscape irrigator needs help on a system!!

Well I was repairing a system that was installed 2 years ago, and this year all the stations had very limited or no pressure, so I checked the valves and 2 were burned, I replaced , i cut in front of the backflow and notice that the pressure was still low, so I replace the backflow and now I spent too much money and I cant find the problem I got 85 psi at the faucet but my sprinkler system is still flowing with low pressure, please I need some help Thanks