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Monday, September 10th 2012, 1:42am

Author: jacksonjtb128

Crossed wires

You can also start from scratch and disconnect the wires from the valves that are NOT working. Look at the wiring for the valves that DO work. The wire that is connected to all 3 of the working valves (1, 2 and 5) is the common wire. Hook this wire to one of the wires on each of the valves that doesn't work. Make sure the rest of the wires are not touching any other wires (put wire nuts on them to be safe). Turn the controller on to zone 3, then touch one of the remaining wires coming from the c...

Monday, September 10th 2012, 1:08am

Author: jacksonjtb128


Just to clarify the "leak in the pipe coming up from your pump"-I mean inside the well casing. I actually had this happen on my system. The pipe split, when the system would run much of the water would just fall back down to the bottom of the well.

Monday, September 10th 2012, 1:06am

Author: jacksonjtb128

Could be a master valve problem

Not sure what is up with the 0 hour 3 minutes on the timer... The low pressure on all zones could be due to a faulty diaphragm in a master valve (especially since you have a valve that seems to be "extra"). It could also be due to a clogged filter on the line coming from your pump. Another possibility is that you have a leak in the pipe coming up from your pump. If you have a pressure activated system this problem would be fairly obvious since the pump would run all of the time. If you have a pu...

Monday, September 10th 2012, 12:32am

Author: jacksonjtb128

Weeping head at low spot in zone, not the diaphram?

I agree with Wet Boots that the 2 statements are mutually exclusive, and commend Gator Guy on his statesmanship. I also do not believe that there is a cross connection caused by tree roots, or whatever. A split in one pipe caused by tree roots would result in a leak, not seepage from a different zone. You could verify this yourself by capping the heads on zone 3. If there is a cross connection the water would then eventually start seeping out of zone 2. As to engineers, I understand the urge to ...

Sunday, September 9th 2012, 11:51pm

Author: jacksonjtb128

Possible problems

There are (2) things that come to mind when a system is working intermittently. First-Even though the wires seem snug, they might be loose inside the connectors or at the solenoids, or corroded. Since all of the zones are giving you trouble I would check the common wire connection. Second-It could be a problem with the controller. If it is a dial type, that might be the problem. Or one of the buttons might be faulty. The sprinkler valves might be in a box in the ground or they might be above gro...