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Monday, November 2nd 2009, 9:21pm

Author: american irrigation

Water constantly running - even though all valves are closed

Sounds like you have debirs. Did you flush the main before operating the valves when installing the system? Open all the valves, flush them well, and put in new parts and let er rip.

Monday, November 2nd 2009, 9:08pm

Author: american irrigation

Any reason I can't use a $20 flapper check valve for backflow control?

There is no such thing as "grandfathered" backflow preventors. If you are on a municipal water system and you dont have the required backflow preventor they like, you lose. So put in a good quality backlflow that will meet current codes. Whats going to happen when your the pressure switch on the pump hangs open, and your newly installed fertilizer injector (or whatever other sort of stuff is on your system or in your lawn) starts getting pumped back into the well. Then, your neighbor whos well i...

Monday, November 2nd 2009, 8:52pm

Author: american irrigation

RE: Zone 5 does not shut off

Quoted from "Gerard E Brouillard" I have Rainbird controller ESP-12-LX+ in ground sprinkler system. Recently I am having a problem with station 5. When this station is done and station 6 starts, station 5 remains on. I manually started both stations and worked properly. Other times it would not. I then did a “Rapid Station Test Routine” It indicated “Open MV” then proceeded to all 12 stations and then said “CHECK” I then switched rain sensor on. Indicator light came on due to recent rainfall. I...

Monday, November 2nd 2009, 8:47pm

Author: american irrigation

RE: Replaacement Controller

Quoted from "venoy34" I have been using a Rainbird ESP 6 for a number of years and have been using it in the manual mode due to a prblem with the scheduling feature. This past week the controller has started blowing fuses.This after completition of a comple cycle ( I have 6 stations). QUESTION. I have ordered the ESP 6 TM for a replacement and was assured that this was the correct replacement. Now the #1 Sprinkler/Watering system company here in town is tellling me that they no longer make a re...

Monday, November 2nd 2009, 8:43pm

Author: american irrigation

RE: watering time

Quoted from "jokaj" if i had a sprinkler system as such x-----x-----x-----x -------------------- -------------------- x-----x-----x-----x x = sprinkler head and have good coverage, time is set at Z if i had a system like x---------x----------x ---------------------- ---------------------- -----x-----------x---- x= sprinkler and have good coverage, do i have to change the amount of time to 2 x Z ? thanks joe It will need to water longer but not double. Basically what you are diagraming is triang...