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Sunday, July 15th 2018, 2:17pm

Author: Vato damage

Low pressure on 1 zone

Is it the diaphragm in your valve? I had a similar problem looked lije low pressure heads would barely pop up if any. Next station everything great. Replaced the top of the inline valve with a new diaphragm. Bingo every thing works fine now. Except one of my other stations atarted to do the same thing within a week. So I am going tobreplace the other 2 as a precaution. I already have them dug up no sense in waiting for thw last one to spit the bit out.

Sunday, July 15th 2018, 2:10pm

Author: Vato damage


Do they sell Diaphragms for inline sprinkler valves here ? If not can anyone recommend where to get some diaphragms. I do not need the whole valve. They are 8 hole (screws) valves. They are older metal ones. Thanks