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Monday, April 4th 2005, 7:51pm

Author: derekjr_1

Help with choosing.

I currently have Hunter PGM rotors installed. I have only had them a couple of years now and they seem to work ok but I have a problem when my system turns on. It bangs through the house really loud like water hammer but only when the zones turn on and not off. After 2 years of trying to figure this out I think that what is happening is that the water drains out of the PGM's and puts air back into the pipes. Then when the valve opens the water tries to RUSH into the lateral pipes to the sprinkle...

Saturday, October 18th 2003, 9:09am

Author: derekjr_1

Help with blow out!

I just got an air compressor (craftsmen 33 gal) and I want to blow the sprinkler lines on my system out. I have looked everywhere and researched this but cant find some more questions. How do you hook up the compressor to the PVS pipe? I am going to remove the BACKFLOW that is connected with a union and bring it in for winter. So the I want to connect the compressor to the pvc or union and blow out the lines. Is there a better way to do this? Any tips for this project would be appreciated. I kno...