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Wednesday, May 7th 2008, 7:14am

Author: freddyf

Rainbird 1800 EXT 6" Spray Shaft Extension

The description of the Rainbird 1800 EXT 6" Spray Shaft Extension is confusing to me. I plan now to use Rainbird Spray Nozzles to water my schrubs. The current spray heads are mounted on 1/2 inch risers that I would like to replace and extend 6 inches. The description of the spray shaft extension states it "screws onto the shaft" and the "nozzle is attached to the top". Am I correct in assuming the the bottom of this extension is 1/2" female thread and will screw onto a 1/2 inch shrub stick with...

Thursday, May 1st 2008, 10:34am

Author: freddyf

Hunter PS-00-555 spray sprinkler body with integrated 5X30 side strip pattern nozzle.

I need some info on the above listed spray with the integrated nozzle. The description on the website is confusing. The PS series of schrub sprinkers with integrated nozzles are supposed to have an adjustable arc. Is the arc on the 5X30 side strip nozzle adjustable or is it fixed?? Thanks in advance for any help.