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Monday, March 22nd 2004, 8:26am

Author: Gtori

Master Valve Benefit

I'm putting in a new sprinkler system, and was wondering what is the advantage of putting in a master valve; one that is connected to the Controller. I will have both an inside and outside manual shut off valve in addition. Also, will the master valve prevent water from backflowing? Thanks.

Tuesday, March 16th 2004, 2:11pm

Author: Gtori

Rotors Overall & for sloped portions of Yards

I am in the process of selecting my rotors for my new sprinkler system. I've heard good things about the RainBird 5000+ and the Hunter I-20 & PGP. I like the RB raincurtain feature and flexibility of adjustment, but hear good things about the Hunters. Any preferences here? Also, my front yard is sloped so that I have about 10 of height difference in two of my zones. The I-20 have check valves and are cheaper than RainBird rotors that have check valves. Do I need check valves in all the rotors in...