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Wednesday, May 23rd 2007, 11:02am

Author: NCStateME

Hunter I20 vs pgp

There are no I-20's with 1" inlets.. they are all 3/4". Are you sure it is not an I-25, I-40, or I-60?? They all have the 1" inlet. Deciding what sprinkler to change to is more about your spacing and GPM requirements than your inlet size. The inlet size can always be changed... The spacing is hard to change without digging up your yard. Do you know what is your max GPM per zone you can use?? How many sprinklers are you wanting to change??

Thursday, May 10th 2007, 3:32am

Author: NCStateME

system component selection advice

I would have to disagree with Lush on the swing joints... If you hard pipe sprinklers into PVC and put them at grade, you are much more likely to have broken pipes when cars, lawnmowers, bikes, or anything else runs over them a few times. You could save money by not using "real" swing joints and using a short section (< 12") of funny pipe to run from the pvc to each sprinkler head. With the funny pipe, if a car runs over the sprinkler next to the driveway, it will just push it down into the g...

Thursday, May 10th 2007, 3:16am

Author: NCStateME

Master valve recommendation

Make sure that if you use a brass valve with pressure regulation, you don't have any zones that are less than 10 GPM. The brass valves with pressure regulation on a high pressure, low flow zone might chatter and vibrate because the diaphragm will barely be open. If all your zones are between 20-30 gpm, you are fine. If you have one zone that is drip or only has a few sprinklers on it, be careful. I know this from experience... I have a 1" Hunter Brass Master Valve on a high pressure system and m...

Monday, May 7th 2007, 9:29am

Author: NCStateME

Wireless Rain-Clik Rain Sensor

Have you made sure the WRC control box is not in bypass mode?? If you push the button on the receiver, it will turn the light red and bypass the sensor.

Monday, May 7th 2007, 8:29am

Author: NCStateME

Wireless Rain-Clik Rain Sensor

Check the connection of the wires in the controller from the WRC box. Make sure they are tight. Also, make sure the controller has not been put in sensor bypass mode... This will have the controller ignore the WRC.

Friday, May 4th 2007, 6:06pm

Author: NCStateME

Tapping into poly service line

I just did this at my dad's house... We cut into his 1" poly line from his well and used a 1" barb x 1" barb x 1" Female pipe thread grey plastic tee found at Lowes for a couple bucks. We secured the two barbs with stainless steel pipe clamps and screwed in a Sch 80 male pipe adapter to start the mainline. Worked like a charm.

Friday, May 4th 2007, 6:01pm

Author: NCStateME

Hunter Design Services

No, Hunter does not have a design service. However, they have a pretty good residential design guide that any competant DIY'er could easily follow and understand. I agree with Tom that it really helps to see the property to do the design. Unless you do a super-detailed plot plan, it is hard to lay out a good system if you have never seen the property.