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Thursday, September 26th 2002, 3:24am

Author: jimqjp


Hi, RVLI I'm working for a system in my yard, which has a 3-feet difference between highest and lowest in a zone. Questions: 1. What is the min height differece for auto drain valves? 2. Can I eliminate winterization if I install valves in all zones?

Thursday, September 26th 2002, 3:04am

Author: jimqjp

5000 RainBird Rotor

Quoted I brought a 5000 Series RainBird Series Rotor thinking that this was the problem because all my other rotors in that zone worked. When I put the new rotor in place of the one that did'nt work, the new one did not work either. Any idea on what I should do now. [/quote It's possible that the poly pipe is squished somewhere. You can remove the head, and use an extention nipple to check the water flow.

Tuesday, September 3rd 2002, 8:30am

Author: jimqjp

inline valves + backflow preventer or anti-siphon

I'm going to install an 8-zone sprinkler system . I think I may have two choices: 1. One backflow preventer + 8 inline valves 2. 8 anti-siphon valves My questions: For choice 1, what kind of backfow preventer should I need? Is this option is less expensive than second?