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Friday, August 20th 2004, 10:49am

Author: billingsleyj

Cobra Connector Risers Anyone?

No experience with them but I do have a resevation about them. they come in pre-cut lengths which do not allow for mistakes in trenching. They are very expensive as well

Friday, August 20th 2004, 10:43am

Author: billingsleyj

spray vs rotor

Yes, what he said!

Friday, August 20th 2004, 10:42am

Author: billingsleyj

New Installation

Dave, You may want to pay more for a contractor with excellent referrals. Anyone can install a system, by the ones that will come out when you need them are priceless. John

Friday, August 20th 2004, 10:38am

Author: billingsleyj

pressure reducer at rotor

I would try an in-line reducer to control head pressure. As long as it does not adversly affect you flow rate you should be fine.

Friday, August 20th 2004, 10:37am

Author: billingsleyj

low volume problem fill it out or find a local sprinkler retailer that specializes in irrigation; Not a Home improvement store or a plumbing store. There are valves specifically made for low flow situations you just have to find them.

Friday, August 20th 2004, 10:31am

Author: billingsleyj

finding lost solenoid valves

you can also rent a locator that will allow you to follow the wires to each valve. Check tool rental places.

Friday, August 20th 2004, 10:28am

Author: billingsleyj

Sprinkler heads won't retract

The most likely cause of your problem is sand in teh gasket that surrounds the shaft. While teh system is running you can actuate the head by pushing down on it with your foot several times. Be careful to push straight down. This should flush out the sand. Toro sprinkler are just as good as the others.

Friday, August 20th 2004, 10:26am

Author: billingsleyj

anemic pop up sprayers

Look at cleaning out your nozzels and filters on the Nelsons. Dental floss works well on the nozzles while the system is running. Wear your swimsuit!

Friday, August 20th 2004, 10:23am

Author: billingsleyj

Controller - Wiring - Solenoid???

Ray, In order to blow a fuse you would have to have the common (ground wire) come contact with the hot wire or power source. Your rain sensor is likely to be a device that connect to the common wire and essentially does not allow current to flow through it when it rains by physically breaking the connection. Does your rain senser connect into your controller?