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Monday, April 23rd 2012, 2:44pm

Author: ptofimpact

JB Kwik

GatorGuy, thanks for the info. I use this stuff for many repair jobs, its cheap, and it works.

Saturday, April 21st 2012, 6:37am

Author: ptofimpact


Thanks to all for the helpful advice. As I try to find a replacement rotor, what I did as a fix for now, have some repair 'glue', [ I say glue as I dont know the correct term for it] it's called J B Weld Kwik, it comes 2 tubes, mix equal parts, and it sets up real strong. I repaired the missing piece of the rotor, by cutting a small piece of aluminum 'duct tape' [ not the mesh backed stuff], it has adhesive backing, and covered the hole. Then mixed some J B Weld, coated the entire thing, let it ...