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Saturday, January 3rd 2004, 1:01pm

Author: HDClown

Revamping control system

I'm looking to update my control/valve system (if possible). The controller is a K-Rain Hydrotek 2114. It seems very bassic in that it simply cycles on/off on given days at given times. For every time I manually cycle it on/off it goes through 1 of 6 zones. When I want to run certain zones only, or test certain zones, I can't do it (or I havn't figured out how). Below pictures of the valves. My sprinklers runs off city water and there appears to be no pump. There is a shutoff in the picture and ...

Saturday, January 3rd 2004, 12:45pm

Author: HDClown

Brand new PGP heads leak between popup and cover

I purchased a set of PGP heads from Sprinkler Warehouse to replace some damaged ones. I removed the popups and cover from the existing bases and insert new popups/covers that I purchased. Some of the heads appear to leak (drip) between the popup body and the cover piece, is this normal? On someof them, it seems to be enough to create apuddle around the base.

Saturday, January 3rd 2004, 12:43pm

Author: HDClown

Rainbird popups have less coverage then shrub head

I have several 2" and 4" rainbird popups sprays, the inexpensive units you can buy at Lowes and Home Depot. I've pulled them apart and cleaned them as best as I can. I have not replaced the nozzles on them. I've noticed that my new rainboard half circle shrub nozzles (the kind that screw directly onto an elbow) have much greater distance than the popup heads. Is this just an issue of the nozzles being clogged to a point that they can't be cleaned? Should the 2" and 4" popups have identical cover...

Saturday, January 3rd 2004, 12:37pm

Author: HDClown

Replace sprays with rotors on small yard patch?

My front size yard has 6 spray heads, 3 on each side of the yard. Would there be any benefit to replacing the 6 spray heads with 2-3 rotors? I know for sure I can get proper coverage with 3 rotors, but I'm pretty sure I could get away with 2. Would there be any benefits to this, aside from less heads to maintain?

Saturday, January 3rd 2004, 12:34pm

Author: HDClown

Removing nozzles from PGP

How do I remove the nozzles out of a PGP head?