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Thursday, September 9th 2010, 3:36pm

Author: wxperson

SAM pop up sprinker to stop "seeping"?

Hi, I purchased a Rainbird SAM 1800 pop up with the intent to stop an irrigation pop up station from seeping . It is the lowest irrigation pop up on the zone. Unfortunately, it did not correct the problem. What could I try next?

Tuesday, June 24th 2008, 6:08am

Author: wxperson

RE: Drip pressure.

Quoted from "mrfixit" Just out of curiosity, how did you measure the pressure at the end of the drip tube? I haven't seen that done. The "irrigation store" recommended a 3 way connector with a threaded top and compression fittings for the 1/2" line. See the attached photo.

Monday, June 23rd 2008, 3:33pm

Author: wxperson

DRIP LINE pressure only 5 PSI

I have a new system, installed by a irrigation company, that includes a few drip lines.. One of the zones has a branch type design which I am skeptical of. The pressure at the end of the line, after several branches, is about 5 psi. I think it is a design problem by having branches off of branches from the main drip line. I cannot find any literature which says "Dont do branches" but have found several sources that show evenly distributed type lines with a closed type feed system as on page 19 o...