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Thursday, May 10th 2018, 7:08am

Author: mat68046


I t wasn't the Hunter system at all. Stupid Verizon FIOS interface box mounted adjacent to the Hunter had a faulty backup battery connection. Fixed that and the beeping went away. Now I have to reprogram the Hunter... Thanks for the advice, though.

Sunday, April 29th 2018, 11:47am

Author: mat68046

Hunter SRC Plus Beeping every 15 minutes

Hello My mom's house is equipped with a Hunter SRC Plus 6-station indoor unit (2007) with remote rain sensor. The rain sensor was destroyed by siding contractors so system was being run in Bypass mode. A few months ago the controller started beeping every 15 minutes but there are no ERR codes or obvious malfunctions (although haven't checked operation yet....) I saw nothing in the manual Troubleshooting section about audio alarms. I did reset the controller and also replaced the dead 9V battery ...