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Wednesday, June 30th 2004, 10:10am

Author: memoguy

Dirty water sprinklers

I am about to install my sprinkler system. I will be using a pump to get water from an irrigation ditch. I wanted to use pop-up rotors, but was told that they would clog up with dirty water. So now the only sprinklers that I can use are pop-up impacts, like the Rainbird Maxipaws. Do you agree that non-impact rotors are not practical with dirty water? And do I have any other choices rather than Maxipaws? thanks for your answers.

Wednesday, June 30th 2004, 10:02am

Author: memoguy

Valve Manifold Location

I am about to install my sprinkler system. I would like to place my valves in a homemade wooden box (6 valves) against the back of the garage, about 2 feet above ground level. I don't want to bury them or have to buy valve boxes. I see most people put them in the ground. Any reasons why I should not do this?? Appreciate your help.