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Sunday, October 27th 2002, 3:07pm

Author: Troy


if zone 1 is on all the time it sound like the valve has been manualy opened or the diafram in side the valve is stuck tap on valve if water is on and zone-1 comes on when you put control-box to auto it sounds like control-box malfunction put zone-1 wire on a different zone number to determine

Sunday, October 27th 2002, 2:45pm

Author: Troy

Placement of Backflow preventer

here in Wyoming the city code of most citys is that a double-check valve is used so that city or county can tie in to see if it is working properly and loacation is next or close to main water turn-on

Wednesday, October 23rd 2002, 7:57am

Author: Troy

5000 RainBird Rotor

I have found A rock in half inch swing pipe that cut off flow to head thankfully it was only A eight inch peace of pipe from one inch feed line