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Thursday, September 9th 2004, 12:54pm

Author: samjaynes

Drains wtih Poly

I am running 1" poly in my yard and was told by a contractor that drain valves were not needed. Their basis, I beleive, was based upon: 1. Running poly and poly will flex if any residual water is left 2. I am running off of a secondary water supply which is typically turned off on October 15th. 3. My lines are about 8" - 12" deep. What are your thoughts... I plan on installing the lines this weekend. Sam

Tuesday, August 31st 2004, 10:26am

Author: samjaynes

Raised area, with trampoline in the middle

I have an area in the corner of my yard, which I have raised about 2 feet above the ground with dirt. The purpose of this was to make my trampoline level with the ground for safety. So what I have is an area about 25' by 25' with a 14' diameter hole in the middle. I plan on putting sod around the hole, and I am trying to find a way to water this area without dumping too much water into the trampoline hole. My initial plan was to put spray heads every 12' along the edges of the 25'x25' square. Pu...

Tuesday, August 31st 2004, 10:20am

Author: samjaynes

spray vs rotor

I don't mean to piggy-back on to your post, tomfireburns. However, I would like to post a reply to SprinklerGuy. In my area, which is about 40x40, with semi-clay soil, this area is pretty flat with a kidney bean shape island close to the middle, yet ofset a little to the side. The shape as mentioned is square. The initial estimate I received was with spray heads every 12 feet and three in the middle. Although I can see some benefit from this, I can't see why I can't use rotors for this area. The...

Monday, August 30th 2004, 1:37pm

Author: samjaynes

spray vs rotor

I am interested as well as the feedback to this post. I have a similiar shaped area with the same dilemma,

Monday, May 17th 2004, 1:11pm

Author: samjaynes

Saddles - Longevity or use T's

I am trying to plan out my sprinkler system using the poly lines. I have seen the use of saddles and wonder how they hold up our climate in Utah. The ones I have physically seen are the ones you drill a hole in and clamp down the sides with two screws on the sides. I saw someone mention a self-tapping one. Suggestions???

Monday, May 17th 2004, 12:47pm

Author: samjaynes

Rotors or Spray Heads

I have a area in my front yard that is about 46' x 46'; which on one edge of that area has 5' planter bed. In the future, I will have a kidney bean shape island for a couple trees, but that is in the future which I plan on having the planter area and island on the same station. My question is... I had two seperate contractors come over and one said all spray heads spaced 12' apart for this 46' by 46' area, the other wanted to put rotors in each corner and spray heads in the middle. Each of them ...