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Tuesday, June 25th 2013, 3:52pm

Author: PennyInHeels

"FUS" from

from What does the blinking FUS code mean? A. - The controller may have detected an overload of the amperage allowed (For example, a shorted solenoid, a shorted wiring or a high end surge or spike). How to reset the FUS code on a Rain Dial Controller? If the “FUS” warning does not go away after pressing either the Plus (+) or Minus (-) Buttons, follow the instructions below: 1. While the controller is power-up, disconnect the “Ribbon Cable” from the s...

Tuesday, June 25th 2013, 9:49am

Author: PennyInHeels

try resetting controller?

Or possibly the "non-volatile (or battery-backed) memory" got a little too volatile. If it forgot settings the internal state of the program might also have taken a hit. I'd reset the controller and then reprogram to see if I get a different (better) result.

Tuesday, June 25th 2013, 8:19am

Author: PennyInHeels

How does one program "too many start times"?

I have a similar problem with a Hunter SRC Plus. It starts the program at the correct time, reaches the end, and then starts again. What I do not understand is how I could have "too many start times" programmed. I have only Program A active, to start at 6:30AM. Program B and C are OFF. I thought that a program was characterized as having one start time. I don't see how I could program more than one start times even if I wanted to. If I do have "too many start times", how do I detect this and del...