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Tuesday, November 24th 2009, 9:37am

Author: kokonut

MP Rotator Question

Retrofitting existing lateral lines. I have (7) heads with 19'-8" head to head spacing, 30 PSI pressure, and 6 GPM flow. Trying to avoid overspray and underspray. Confused with MP's performance charts. Which MP rotors should I use MP2000 or MP3000? Avoiding RainBird at this time due to the high flow requirement.

Friday, October 16th 2009, 11:51am

Author: kokonut

Sprinkler Zone to Drip Zone Retrofit

Newbie here, Great info found on this link. I have a similar situation that I am dealing with. I would like to turn a sprinkler zone to a dedicated drip zone. I do realize that I need to put a wye filter and a pressure regulator after the valve. My problem is the Hunter SRV valve is in the middle of the lawn and I would prefer to have the wye filter and pressure regulator much closer to the border. Is there any problems installing the filter and regulator approximately 15-20' away from the valve...