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Sunday, February 29th 2004, 8:50am

Author: NeedsHelp

Rotor Helps....PLEEEEEEZZZ....

Or you could have added a PGM......a smaller sized rotor shoots about 15-25' and works with regular rotors!

Sunday, February 29th 2004, 8:43am

Author: NeedsHelp

Hunter I-40

****o, I just moved into a new home 14 acres of land, and after settling in, i decided to take a look at the sprinkler system. There are 28 zones including the gardens, and i seem to have a problem with some of the bigger heads. I have noticed when the water is turned on they pop up but do not move. I cleaned the top of one off, and it reads Hunter I-40. There are 3 heads to a zone and i would say they spray a good 75 feet. I have 23 zones of these heads, and about 8 do not move. In the one gard...