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Thursday, April 17th 2008, 8:27am

Author: jscering

Got it!

Hello, I decided to unhook all station wires and just leave power coming in to keep the panel powered. Thanks to mrfixit! Well I still got the errors! So then I knew it wasn't the wiring or valves and it was probably the timer. I then took it to my local irrigation house and they hooked it up there and it still got the errors. They then got on the phone with Hunter and Hunter said that it was a panel gone bad. So I purchased a new panel and hooked it up. It now works. So another

Tuesday, April 15th 2008, 8:12am

Author: jscering

RE: Master valve.

Quoted from "mrfixit" I got to thinking about that master valve. If there was a bad solenoid on the master valve (if you have one, most people don't around where I live) then no matter which station you try to start manually would cause the controller to short out. Maybe show err. By chance did you hook the ground wire up to the wrong terminal? It should be hooked up to the bottom one. If it's on the second one up. That would short everything out. 1err 2err 3err. Hi mrfixit, No master valve her...

Monday, April 14th 2008, 8:04pm

Author: jscering

RE: Testing the wires.

Quoted from "mrfixit" I might reset the controller and see if it still happens. Then I'd disconnect the ground wire to see if it still happens. If so it's the timer. If not it's the wiring. If it's the wiring I'd hook the common wire back up to the timer. I'd disconnect the wire from the number one terminal then turn on that station manually at the controller. Then I'd touch the wire to the terminal to see if it shorts out. Then I'd do number two and so on. See which ones are shorting out the c...

Monday, April 14th 2008, 5:55pm

Author: jscering

1 err, 2 err, 3 err, on a Hunter Pro-C

Hello, I am getting a message on a exterior Hunter Pro-C Controller that says "1 err, 2 err, 3 err, 4 err" etc. I get this when I try and put it through manual mode. All connections looks good on the outside at the valves. I took my volt tester and there is power coming in and the transformer is working. How do I troubleshoot the wiring to find out where there is a short or faulty solenoid on specific valves and station wires? I really appreciate any help on this. Thanks. Johnny