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Tuesday, June 3rd 2008, 2:37pm

Author: jimmyburg1

No luck with capping off a 3/4 inch pvc pipe - advice needed.

Quoted from "HooKooDooKu" -- IF -- you really have a 3/4" WHITE PVC Sch40 or Class 200 pipe & a 3/4" PCV Sch40 glue cap, then to ensure capping it off doesn't blow... Use PVC cutters to make a clean cut at the end of the pipe (you might have to do some digging to expose enough pipe). Clean the pipe with a rag and water (i.e. wipe of excessive dirt). Then finish cleaning it with the purple primer AND use the purple primer on the inside of the cap. At this point, the only thing that should be on ...

Monday, June 2nd 2008, 1:59pm

Author: jimmyburg1

RE: No luck with capping off a 3/4 inch pvc pipe - advice needed.

Quoted from "ccummins" In my backyard, I have a 3/4 inch pvc pipe coming vertically out of the ground. The original owner had placed a hose nozzel on top of the pipe which I never used, but I managed to knock this off after using a weed eater while doing my yard. All I wanted to do was cap this pipe off but I'm having a lot of problems. First, I turned off the sprinkler system and returned to the pipe but found it still had some pressure. I then turned off the main located where my sprinkler sy...

Monday, June 2nd 2008, 1:56pm

Author: jimmyburg1

RE: Hunter PGP Rotors Misting into wind

Quoted from "James" I recently installed a new system consisting mostly of Hunter PGP rotors. My system static pressure was 88 psi, and I did not install a pressure regulator. Now that everything is in, some of the PGP rotors are spraying a very fine mist that is getting blown all over the place by the wind. What can I do to fix this? Does this seem like a high-pressure problem? The Hunter PGP operating pressure is 30-70 psi, and I figure I am probably very close to 70 psi at the head. Can I re...

Wednesday, May 28th 2008, 7:20am

Author: jimmyburg1

RE: RE: Connecting a drip line to a sprinkler head

Quoted from "HooKooDooKu" Quoted from "donebooker" I need to add to drip lines to an exsisting sprinkler head. I can not replace the head It still needs to operate. How do I do this? So you want to do something like water the lawn with a sprinkler AND water something like a flower-bed with drip irrigation on the same circuit? That is generally considered a bad idea for two reasons: Usually drip irrigation needs to be scheduled different than lawn sprinklers (such as needing to run the drip syst...

Monday, May 19th 2008, 11:24am

Author: jimmyburg1

RE: What sprinkler system to use for white rock parking lot????

Quoted from "irmhouston" We are trying to find out what kind of sprinkler system would be best for our white rock parking lot. We are having problems with the city, because of the large trucks causing to much dust. Someone suggested a gravity flow system, but not sure where to begin. can you send us some pics of the property?

Friday, May 16th 2008, 11:07am

Author: jimmyburg1

RE: need to make 2 circuits our of 1. is this possible?

Quoted from "elandau" I need to add sprinklers to a lawn which is only supplied by a ¾” pipe and I cannot lay down another one. I’m looking for a timer/splitter I can put in series with my pipe which will detect that water is flowing and give 5 minutes to 1 pipe and 5 minutes to the other. Basically I’m trying to make 2 circuits out of 1. The problem is that if I put a standard timer, it’ll have to be totally in-sync with the main timer. Battery operation is desired but not required. Any sugges...