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Wednesday, January 28th 2004, 3:18am

by scottn

it does. I'm of the opinion that it's no flow on the inlet side. When I took the pump and impeller assembly apart, there was a thick layer of sand and soot inside. I cleaned all of that out. When i put it back together, the pump runs fine and if I use a garden hose to provide water to the inlet side of the pump, it'll spray the water all over the place, indicating that it's functioning. Just before the inlet, there's a pvc valve with a spring in it. I'm thinking that there may be sand and soot in it, blocking the flow of water to the pump. I wanted to run it by someone who knew more about these systems than I do so I don't replace a valve that may be functioning properly. I think I'll start there and see where it gets me. I priced the valve last night and it's only $10. If you have any other ideas, I'd love to hear them. Thanks again for your replies!!!!

Tuesday, January 27th 2004, 4:43pm

by mrwettech

Have you checked the main shut off valve to your system. If it is fully open your pump should prime from the water pressure unless the flow is obstructed on the outlet side of the pump. Even if the pump was turned off the water would/should flow through the system with just the domestic psi. The pump is a booster pump which increases that psi to your system. There are two possibilities that I see. No inlet flow or no outlet flow. I hope that helps.

Tuesday, January 27th 2004, 6:50am

by scottn

I'm sure that the system wasn't winterized as it ran just a week ago with no problems. I live in FL so nothing here get's winterized. The water is being supplied from the house (domestic service). The pump is outside. It just seems like the pump is trying to prime itself, but isn't getting water now. Thanks for the quick reply!!

Tuesday, January 27th 2004, 6:07am

by mrwettech

Do NOT run the pump again until your problem is figured out. If the pump is ran without water will cause damage to the impellers. Do you want to run your system at this time? The reason I ask is that the system was probably winterized as a protective measure. Also, where is your water for your system being supplied from? Domestic service (house) or from a body of water (lake/pond)? Is the pump inside or outside? The answers to these will give you better responses.

Tuesday, January 27th 2004, 4:54am

by scottn

Could this be a check valve problem?

We just purchased an older home. The sprinkler system was functional when we moved in. About a week ago, my wife found a switch in the garage and decided to see what it controlled. Unfortunately, it controlled the pump to our sprinkler system. She left it in "off" position. It wasn't until this last weekend that I discovered what had happened. When I flipped the switch back on, the pump ran forever, it never shut off. The sprinklers don't work. I know the pump is working properly. When it's on, it'll pump water if it gets it, but it's not. The inlet side of the pump is dry. There's a check valve just above ground level on that side. Is it possible that the valve is stuck??