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Saturday, July 23rd 2011, 3:45am

by Mitchgo

The box is you Relay - the controller is low voltage and the pump is high voltage . The humming is normal when the system is running.. IF it's humming while the system is turned off - then you have issues

It does sound like a wiring issue in the field.

Wednesday, July 20th 2011, 8:42pm

by AutomaticSprinklers

Not sure what you mean by the turn off switch box on the side of your house. If you could post a picture than that might clear up that part. If you are only blowing a fuse on Zone 1 then the two options are a short in your solenoid or a short in the wire somewhere. Sounds that it is likely somewhere in the wire. Unwire the solenoid and check the resitance across it. Also check the resistance across the wires going to the valve. If you don't have a multimeter then you can un wire the solenoid to zone 1 and if a it blows a fuse then the short is likely in the ground somewhere. Hopefully there is a spare wire going to your valve box. If so switch to that wire. If not you will have to run a new one to the controller unless you can find where the short is. Any digging, dogs etc that could have done this? That still doesn't explain the humming but this is where I would start.

Wednesday, July 20th 2011, 2:56pm

by mijd

Power shut off switch box humming

First, as a newbie to this forum thank you in advance for any and all replies!

My system problems started a few months back when the straight fuse (not the back up fuse) blew and the controller read PWR OFF. I called a sprinker co for repair, they told me it was a solinoid in Zone 1 and they fixed the problem at the value box. The system worked good for about a month until I noticed (right from the start) that Zone 1 stayed on through the whole watering cycle. Next the straight fuse blew again (just once)but was ok for about another month. Next I noticed a humming coming from the turn off switch box on the side of the house which I assume goes to the well pump? The humming increases 10 fold when Zone 1 is on ( I manually switch off zone 1 when the system has finished watering that section of the lawn) and is still there for the rest of the cycle. Last night I blew 2 more straight fuses before permanently shutting off zone 1.

I realize sometimes it is hard to diagnose without witnessing the problem but I appreciate any suggestions and remedies. I'm through with the sprinker repair company and can't afford to hire a new one for awhile. Thanks again.