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Tuesday, January 1st 2002, 12:44pm

by SprinklerWarehouse Irriga

You should make the arc (rotation) and radius adjustments with the water running so that you see what changes you are making and how they are effecting the throw of water. This way you will be assured you end up with the correct adjustments.

You have to make nozzle changes with the sprinkler head unscrewed away from the pipe and in your hand so you can correctly set the by pass adjustment on the bottom of the rotor to match the nozzle size you intend on using. The rotors come with a full set of nozzles and a nozzle chart to help you select the correct nozzle based on how much water you want to apply (gpm's) and how far you want the rotor to throw (radius).

<b>Here is more on making adjustments to the R-50 rotor:</b>

To control the flow rate on the R-50 rotor you must change the nozzle to the nozzle that provides the desired flow rate (gpm's). The R-50 rotors come with a full set of nozzles.

<b>To change the nozzle follow these steps:</b>

1. The first step on nozzle changing is to reset the adjustable bypass setting to the size of the nozzle you are inserting. To adjust the bypass, insert a flat blade screwdriver into the slot at the bottom of the sprinkler inlet. Turn the slot so that it aligns with the desired setting based on the nozzle size in the rotor.

2. To lift the riser stem place a small, flathead screwdriver in the slot on either side of the top and pull up on the screwdriver.

3. Once you have lifted the riser up, grasp at the base to hold it up.

4. Use a regular flathead screwdriver to pop the nozzle retainer out.

5. Insert the screwdriver into the cavity where the retainer was, position the screwdriver in the slot on top of the nozzle and push it out.

6. Align the new nozzle with the open cavity making sure it is properly positioned. The lip of the nozzle goes on the top.

7. Snap a new color coded retainer in place to secure the nozzle. Do not reuse the old retainer.

<b>Radius Adjustment</b>

The radius adjustment screw, located on top of the nozzle turret in the colored nozzle retainer, can be used to reduce radius of throw by up to 25%. Simply use a flat blade screwdriver to turn the screw into the water stream. The screw is captive and cannot fly out.

<b>R-50 Arc (rotation) Adjustment Information</b>

The internal assembly must be installed in the case correctly; it is possible to install the internal wrong. Check to see that the sprinkler is put into the case with the small groove aligned with the single rib on the case interior and the larger groove aligned with the 2 ribs.

The left trip is fixed. If the left edge must be moved, the R-50 case must be turned.

The right edge trip is movable. To move the left trip, you must remove the split ring from the nozzle turret (about 1 1/2" down the pop-up piston), while the sprinkler is operating. Then push down on the top of the nozzle housing and turn clockwise to add or counter-clockwise to reduce the arc pattern.

When you finish adjusting the arc replace the split ring on the pop-up piston.

The memory arc portion of the sprinkler is automatically adjusted with the trips.
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Monday, December 31st 2001, 3:43pm


Setting the R-50

How do you set the R-50 RainBird rotor? Can you do it without the water on? They say you need the water on, but can you just pull up the riser and do it from there?